Emory-Tibet Medical Sciences Program

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The Emory-Tibet Medical Sciences Program was also conducted first time at Mentseekhang Sowa-Rigpa Medical College and Hospital, Bengaluru on 12th June, 2023, Monday. 

The Program began with welcome speech by Dr Dorjee Rabten Neshar, College Principal, who also shed light on the importance of learning modern anatomy while keeping our tradition undiluted.   

The program was initiated in 2013 by Emory University, USA and Men-Tsee-Khang, India, mainly for medical knowledge exchange, between centuries-old medical knowledge of Tibet and modern medical knowledge.    

This weeklong Emory-Tibet Medical Sciences Program involves series of lectures and non-lectures on modern anatomy by Edward Pettus PhD. He is a reputed professor of Emory University School of Medicine, and who has twenty-five years of experience on teaching anatomy and several publications on International Journals.

This program, participated by 4th year and 1st year medical students of our college, will cover the structures of the skeleton system, the muscular system and the respiratory system,