The B-College Institute has an indoor 2.97k Square feet audience hall with an overhead spectator’s balcony space of 1.112k Square feet; which, altogether can house more than 200 people. In addition, the auditorium has a standard stage, which is between two dressing rooms for men and women. This auditorium will be a multipurpose platform for presentations, cultural events, workshops, co-curricular activities, convocations, and so on.

The institute has developed an auditorium with the entire requisite and cutting-edge multimedia amenities including

  1. LCD HD Ceiling mounted Projector accompanied with a fixed foldable projector screen, for featuring video or PowerPoint presentation.
  2. The whole auditorium hall’s ceiling is enclosed and installed with economical false ceilings to ensure indoor noise absorptions. Additionally, its surrounding walls have UPVC windows installed for max-out enhancement of outdoor sound reductions.
  3. Lightings are put together with approved brand Surface LED lights that are firmly attached to the false ceilings, which create a neat and warm ambiance.
  4. Sound systems are entirely branded equipment inclusive of all the relative standard sound components like amplifiers, wall-mounted sound-boxes, mike systems, etc.