Harbel Garden

Medicinal Plants is the one of the main sources of curative or preventive medicines in Sowa-Rigpa System of Medicine. Approximately 90% of Sowa-Rigpa preparations are plant based. In rgyud- bzhi, the fundamental text of Sowa-Rigpa, authored by Yothog Yonten Gonpo of Tibet, stated that our body is composed of the Four Elements, even the disorders to be healed are generated by the Four Elements, and also the medicines which are to be used as remedies, have the nature of the Four Elements. Therefore, the body, the disorders and the remedies are interrelated because of sameness of natures.

Hence, the College established an herbal garden as per the regulations and currently it houses a Total no. 40-50 different plant species use in Sowa-Rigpa system of Medicine. It aims is to motivate the Sowa-Rigpa UG students to know and study the identification of the species and to understand the morphological characterization of medicinal plants, etc.

Inside View

Medicine Plant

Outside view