Library is the heart of our College and Men-Tsee-khang as the oldest and the most reputed Institute of sowa Rigpa learning center throughout the world, has a rich heritage and tradition to draw inspiration and which nudges to us to continue on the path of excellence in Sowa Rigpa Medicine. Our Library hold the treasure that the past and present masters of Sowa Rigpa  have handed down to us and support preservation, maintenance and advancement of this field of knowledge for the benefit of all the suffering humanity and contribute to make our world a tad more happy  and a shade less sad. The library aims to support the learning and teaching goal of the college and be a resource center for research and higher learning in sowa Rigpa. Sowa Rigpa is a growing body of knowledge and each year hundreds of new publications are made and many fresh researches are carried out in the various parts of world. We have already developed a collection of 4122 books covering subjects of Sowa Rigpa Medicine, Sowa Rigpa Medical Astrology, Sowa Rigpa History and other allied subjects. The collection includes many medical classics and a large number of modern publications. To make our user’s library visit more optimal and fruitful,   we also provide various kinds of services

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Sorig Medicine [2486]
Sorig Astrology[537]
Xerox and Prrinting
Spiral Binding
News Paper and Megazine

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“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”
Albert Einstein