The outpatient department (OPD) is the primary touch point for the patients and acts as the prelusive window to any healthcare service provided to the community. For delivering the institute’s best quality services to others, the OPD room is divided into six separate units including the 2 consultant unit, a massage unit, a cashier unit, a dispensary, and a medicine storage unit. The OPD individual units have full-height aluminum glazed partitions and common air conditioners. The OPD also has a 67’ long and 10’ wide waiting hall with well-furnished seating arrangements and one service counter window for the patients.

(FROM 1ST JAN, 2022 – 26TH SEPTEMBER, 2022)

(FROM 1ST JAN, 2023 – 16th JULY, 2023)

(FROM 1ST JULY, 2023 – 31ST DEC, 2023)