NCISM Registration for Men-Tsee-Khang Sorig Doctors in South India

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The doctor who have successfully registered under NCISM with honourable Dr.Rakesh Sharma and his team

With active co-ordination from the director of Dro-phen Men-Tsee-khang and Mrs. Chime Dolkar, member of Ethic Committee of Experts, a resident doctor of Dro-phen Men-Tsee-khang branch at New Delhi,  a delegation from NCISM led by Chairman Dr.(Vaidya) Rakesh Sharma, the president of Board of the Ethics and registration tasked with authority to provide Registration for Sorig doctors in South India visited Men-Tsee-Khang Sorig College, Bangalore on 8th july, 2022. Total of 26 doctors here have Successfully registered under NCISM including 21 doctors, who are currently serving in various branches of Men-Tsee-khang South India, 4 formerly of the institute and one from Chakpori Medical College.The visitors were taken on a guided campus tour and served a vegetarian Lunch. The visit was a great success saving both time and money for many doctors who, otherwise, would have to fly all the way to Delhi.

We convey our heartfelt thanks to the visiting team from NCISM, the director of Men-Tsee-khang and doctor Chime Dolkar Lak.